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We're loving our Coffee-Tech FZ-94 Pro Lab Roaster which can roast up to 2.4kg of green beans in one batch.

This unique coffee roaster offers total control over the roast process while still maintaining user-friendly operations, a small footprint, a stunning design and outstanding roasting quality of the entire capacity range.

The FZ-94 has embedded within it speed control for the drum, and another one for the drum venting blower while temperatures are measured by three individual digital probes and PID controllers.

The technology utilises 4 heating methods to produce outstanding results: conduction, infrared radiation, thermosiphon heat exchange and convection.


The Réveillez Blend is a dark roast that is smooth with a full body and excellent aroma.  It makes a sensational espresso but is also sufficiently versatile to stand out very boldly under French press preparation.

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