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We love coffee.  That's where we've started and where we hope you are too.  Below are some helpful hints and tips we've picked up along our journey.

How To ...Use Refillable Nespresso® Capsules

The refillable capsule is to allow you to use your choice of coffee in your Nespresso®, in this demo, coffee maker.  With it you can enjoy your favourite CounterRoast Réveillez espresso blend in an environmentally-friendly and economical way.  If you follow the instructions (see download below) correctly then the result will be a delicious cup of espresso with a great crema, as you can see in the video below.


A quick internet search should allow you to find plenty of refillable pods - plastic or stainless steel - for use in any of your pod coffee machines.

Refillable Capsule Instructions.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [414.2 KB]

How To ...Pull Réveillez Espresso Shots

The CounterRoast Réveillez Blend makes a great espresso.  Here's some pointers to make sure you're getting the best out of it.


Grinding: You're so much better to start off with fresh coffee beans and grind them as you need them.

For an espresso, the beans should be finely ground - each grinder is different but your ground coffee should be fine granules, almost powdery.  It shouldn't be as fine as flour, but definitely in that ball park.  You should still feel some grit.

Ideally get hold of a burr grinder as the consistency of the grind is much better which is important for a good espresso.


Sizing: For a single espresso, you'll need 6-10 grams of ground coffee.  For a double espresso, you'll need ...well double that!


The Réveillez Blend is a dark roast that is smooth with a full body and excellent aroma.  It makes a sensational espresso but is also sufficiently versatile to stand out very boldly under French press preparation.

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