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We're loving our Gene Cafe CBR-1200 which can roast 1kg of green coffee in between 15-20 minutes.

It is an electric roaster that reaches temperatures of up to 230/240°C which is what we need to get the various roasts we produce.

We have control over temperature (both before the beans are in and during the roasting), time and heat energy applied to the beans as they are roasting which lets us hand-roast each batch to perfection.

The design of the roaster couples hot-air roasting with a rotating drum that is set at an angle which moves the beans from side to side as it rotates.  This design is called off-axis roasting and overcomes many of the disadvantages of simple hot air roasting.


The Réveillez Blend is a dark roast that is smooth with a full body and excellent aroma.  It makes a sensational espresso but is also sufficiently versatile to stand out very boldly under French press preparation.

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