Making Life Easy

At CounterRoast, we love to make your coffee-life as easy as we can.  To help we've created monthly subscription options below.


If you subscribe for any of these then you'll never have to worry about coming on-line and ordering - our freshly roasted beans will arrive just as you want them, when you want them.

Monthly Plans

All our monthly subscriptions are for coffee beans (not ground coffee).


  • 1kg Variety Pack - 1/4 each of Reveillez & Kiss Blends and Dark SE Asias & Medium Americas Single Origins
  • 1kg Dark Roasts - 1/2 each of Reveillez Blend and Dark SE Asias Single Origin
  • 1kg Medium Roasts - 1/2 each of Kiss Blend and Medium Americas Single Origin
  • 1kg/500g Reveillez Blend - our "Wake Up Call" Blend
  • 1kg/500g Kiss Blend - our "Gentle Sensation" Blend
  • 1kg/500g Decaf Blend - our "The Kick's The Taste" Blend
  • 1kg Half-Caff Pack - 1/2 each of Reveillez Blend and Decaf Blend


We use PayPal as our subscription agent.

Send Me My Beans by Post

Bean Options

Includes Royal Mail 2nd class post.

I'll Collect My Own Beans

Bean Options

You can unsubscribe any time you want however if you're not happy then please get in touch before hitting the button so we can try to work things out with you.


The Réveillez Blend is a dark roast that is smooth with a full body and excellent aroma.  It makes a sensational espresso but is also sufficiently versatile to stand out very boldly under French press preparation.

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